Wave & circuit

Wave and Circuit is a creative ‘idea’ space in Missoula exploring the wavy intersection of art, music, literature, and technology.  It started when Jay Bruns and Joe Glassy, who originally shared a downtown Missoula office, moved to the Hip Strip to forge a community space blending their love of music, art, and writing with their backgrounds in technology/science.


At Wave and Circuit, we’re dedicated to using of our space at 829 S. Higgins to fill gaps in the ways people connect around these creative areas, and between them.  Since its inception, Wave & Circuit has served as a neighborhood and community center-spoke, an informal social hub, connecting people from different backgrounds, cultures, and interest areas in new ways.


The Wave and Circuit idea is inspired by diverse cultural ideas and energy, abundantly present in avenues such as the thriving Missoula music and art scene, Missoula's First Friday events, the greater Pacific Northwest arts/music culture, and NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.  In the future we’ll be hosting workshops and seminars on topics of interest, as well as some live music and art events, workshops, and themed gatherings.  Examples of these will include art installations, invited jam-sessions involving solo, small combo and ensemble music acts of various genres, album release parties, as well as readings, or writers groups, discussion groups, and/or mixtures of these.


What We’ve Done So Far

A few examples of what Wave and Circuit has already hosted are:

·         We’ve hosted a local Art+Technology group that explores novel audio visualization techniques integrating music and rich media visual displays, immersive interactive visual-reality, and visual accompaniments to live band performances. (Wednesday nights, by arrangement)

·         We’ve hosted a release for Brine the Zine, including multiple musical acts, celebrating the publication of their most recent edition.

·         We’ve had the pleasure of hosting a recent series of music improvisation workshops led by Naomi Siegel, as well as help sponsor her new LakeBottom Sound concert series and evolving jam sessions

·         We’ve hosted art installations and blends of art/music events including live music and private parties.