Hello, dear reader and inquisitor! You have found our Frequently Asked Questions page. We can guarantee you that this will NOT answer ALL of your questions, but you may surprise us and be fully satiated by the following Q&A. Thank you, and read on.


What even is an idea space, anyway?
An idea space is something we arrive at in unison. We strive to eschew the banality of tradition, and transcend the bounds of formality to unite in a shared experience of learning and wonder.

What does Wave & Circuit mean?
Dear reader, this is an ongoing conversation and you help define what it means. We are, after all, mere instruments, together.

What is Wave & Circuit?
Wave & Circuit is a micro-venue, like a neighborhood salon or cafe; its not a bar. It is co-shared with two ‘offices’, so its not a typical public place. Its a little like your living room, just a bit larger. We can seat an audience of about 30-35, with some extra standing room.

What are your hours of operation? When are you open?
We are open by special appointment, events or on occasion.

I emailed you. I haven’t heard back. Why?
It is likely we have not answered because we are busy with our day jobs. Day jobs can be tragic and consuming, right? It could be that your email looked like spam. It could be a variety of things. We suggest you patiently reach out to us again. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. Have you read all of this page? Make a nice cup of tea, put a record on, and read through this Q&A. Go for a walk. Pet the cats in the neighborhood and wave at the friendly dogs.

Do you have a bathroom?
We have one fully functioning bathroom available to attendees of events. Let’s keep it clean and classy.

Do you have public wifi?
Wifi internet access is available for guests of W&C.

How do I check out a book from your library?
Talk to one of us and tell us about your interest in the book. Even better, let’s talk about the book!

I lost something at a show, I think it is at W&C. How do I get it back?
Contact us with a description of the lost item. We will see what we have in the lost & found. We sometimes post lost and found items to our insta.


What is your house sound system?
Our CPU is a neural net processor, a learning computer. Just kidding. We use QSC K8.2 speakers as our mains, along with a small 12” powered subwoofer. We have a few powered speakers for monitors, if you are inclined. We have a 16 channel mixer that interfaces with our recording computer, a Mac laptop running Logic Pro.

Do you record the audio from live shows?
If we can get a microphone or a DI to capture your audio, we generally will. We also try to record a stereo room capture.

Do you share recorded shows and/or profit wildly from them?
We share only with permission, and profit wildly in tandem with the artist. As of 2019, we have yet to profit wildly from a recording at W&C, but the day is young. We always ask permission if we would like to share your recording.

How can I get my recordings?
Talk to us after the show and express interest.

Do you have an amplifier I can play through?
Generally, yes. We have a few decent guitar amps and a keyboard amp that works great as a bass amp in a pinch.

I must have a Neumann or some sort of high-end microphone to sing through. Can you supply it for my show?
Generally if you are this picky about a microphone, you should own it by now. Just sayin. We have a few industry standard mics such as the trusty SM58/SM57 variety, with some condenser mics. Other than that, you won’t be spoiled by our house mics, but they will flatter you.

Can I borrow a cable when I play a show at W&C?
You betcha, let’s make this show happen! Just return it when you are done.

Do you record shows to video?
Some shows are video recorded. Talk to us after the show if you would like the video.

What’s up with that live TV in your front room?
It is a live feed of the stage from the event room. It isn’t recorded, it is just there to emulate a window.

What equipment do you have available for rental?
We have PA equipment, including but not limited to powered speakers and speaker stands, cables, microphones, extension cords and various accessories. We also have projectors.

How can I rent equipment for an event?
Contact us to start the conversation.


How do I book a music show at W&C?
1) Read this entire page.
2) You don’t, we do. We book our own shows, focusing on local music, art, and workshops. We don’t solicit involvement from agents of traveling or regional bands or performers. See the part above, about “we’re not a bar, nor a typical public event space”
3) Drop us a line.

I sent you a DM on FB/Instagram/carrier pigeon. I haven’t heard back. What gives?
These are notorious mediums in which we lose messages, especially when communicating with a team. It isn’t your fault. Let’s keep it simple and use the contact form on our website, which lands directly in our inbox. Huzzah.

Are you open for First Friday?
Sometimes we are open and hosting an event, sometimes we are out enjoying events. So, to answer your question, yes/no/maybe.

Are your events all ages?
Certainly. W&C is an inclusive venue, and all ages are welcome.

Can we put a poster in your window?
We rarely turn down local event and idea promotion, so feel free to leave a poster rolled up or in an envelope at our front door if we are not around. We cast a stink eye in the general direction to those who tape posters to the outside of our window.

What time do shows at W&C typically start?
Typically we like to start between 7-8PM.

How many humans fit in W&C?
Comfortably, about 30-35. We have comfy folding chairs, some bright yellow stools, an egg chair and a couch.

Can I load equipment in through the back?
Typically not through the back, loading in the front is easier. Let us know if you need a hand.

Can I livestream my show on Instagram/FB/Youtube/etc?
Yes, be a good human. Bring equipment if you would like to do this.

As a well respected artist and musician (surely you have heard of me), how much money can I make at W&C?
Good question. This is an equation that involves what people are willing to pay to see you play, show promotion, the demographics of your fan base in Missoula, and a conversation with yourself in which monetary expectations are lowered. In other words, we don’t do monetary guarantees. Let’s talk in person or via email and make sure expectations are as such.

How much does it cost to book a show at W&C?
See the above question. See this entire page.

How large of a band can we fit in W&C?
We have had large (7+ piece) bands play to varying degrees of success. Acts with smaller numbers of members are much more common, and easier for us to accommodate, by far.

What kind of food can we serve at our show?
Prepackaged, non-expired sealed food. Usually with plenty of preservatives. We don’t make these rules, the Missoula Health Department does.


When will you do another circuit bending workshop?
Soon! We promise!

I would like to host a workshop on ________ at W&C. What do I need to do to make this happen?
Run the idea by us.